About US



The Horsham City Bowling Club was established as the Horsham Bowling

Club in 1908 to provide a venue for lawn bowls and community activities for

the citizens of the Horsham. The original location was in McLachlan Street

and with the rapidly developing interest in bowling; the facilities had become

completely unable to cope with the numbers wishing to participate in the sport.


In 1971 the Committee of the day decided that it was time to make a move

to a new site. The Horsham City Council was approached with a request for

assistance in locating to a suitable alternative site for the re-development of the

Club. The present site in Park Drive, then Crown Land was selected and with

the new location finalised the Bowling Club proceeded to sell the McLachlan

Street land. With a new location came a new Name – Horsham City Bowling Club.


The Club later purchased the land from the Crown and over time constructed

four greens and today maintains three excellent lawn bowling greens plus

a Synthetic Carpet green and a modern clubhouse (opened 1973) on 8,698

square metres of land on the corner of Park Drive and Gleed Street close to the

Horsham CBD.


The Club presently has 130 Affiliated Full members and some 50 social and

special members. The Club is affiliated with Bowls Victoria and the Wimmera

Bowls Division. It provides five Saturday Pennant teams and three Mid-week

Pennant teams in the Wimmera Bowls Division and during the summer brings

bowlers from other Clubs to our greens and into the Horsham community.

Social bowling games are also enjoyed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and

the Club holds many Tournaments throughout the season. Winter bowls are

played on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on the Synthetic Carpet Green


We are actively trying to increase participation in the sport of lawn bowls and

promote the Club as a pleasant environment to play the game, as well as a

venue to meet fellow Horsham citizens through community activities including

Corporate Bowls nights, Social Clubs & Business nights and bare foot bowls.

All visitors are welcome to the Club with the motto:-

“Horsham City Bowling Club – the place to be”