Scores and Statistics for Mid-week and Saturday Pennant

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The scores for all Wimmera Pennant Matches played in the 2020-21 Season can be viewed.

(Results for the 2019-20 Season can also be viewed.)

Wimmera Region Pennant Results 2020-21

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Horsham City Bowling Club Events 2019-20

Ladies Singles Champion: Betty Cozens

Ladies Drawn Pairs 100-up Winners: Beverley Bretag and Barbara Gloury

Ladies Drawn Triples Winners: Barbara Gloury, Beverley Bretag and Lois Ruwoldt

Mens Singles Champion: Colin Morrell (Also Champion of Champions for Wimmera Division)

Mens Pairs Champions: Kevin Clyne and Ron Dolby

Mens Fours Champions: Ron Goudie, Govan Bellinger, Jack Shearwood and Gary Knight

Wimmera Division Events 2019-20

Wimmera Pennant Competition

(Team events won by Horsham City Bowling Club Members)

Mid-Week Pennant Division 1

Saturday Pennant Division 2

Saturday Pennant Division 3

Wimmera Division State EventsĀ 

(Events won by Horsham City Bowling Club Members)

Ladies Over 60’s Pairs: Elsie Bardell and Betty Cozens

Ladies Fours: Sandra Knight, Betty Cozens, Elsie Bardell and Margaret Dolan

Mens Over 60’s Singles: Kevin Clyne

Mens Over 60’s Pairs: Kevin Clyne and Govan Bellinger

Mens Pairs: Daniel Gloury and Ron Dolby (Also winners at Regional Level)